Do you often dig into your savings to buy a new dress because there’s an event coming up? Does it bother you that people would remember your dress from a past event? Well, if you have been beating the repeat-bug all your life, stop! Repeating an outfit is the coolest thing you can do, and celebrities are on board with the thought. The latest example? Actor Deepika Padukone’s gorgeous silk sari that she wore to Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish awards recently — a drape she had also worn to a friend’s wedding a few months ago. This is not the first time that the actor has repeated outfits. Actor Sonam Kapoor, and UK’s royal fashionista, Kate Middleton, have also been spotted repeating outfit, that too, at A-list red carpet events.

Deepika Padukone wore a beautiful silk sari to HT India’s Most Stylish. She had worn the same to a friend’s wedding last year.


Deepika was seen in the sari at her friend’s wedding, last year

Designer Amit Aggarwal, known for using upcycled fabrics in his collections, thinks that the inclination towards de-cluttering and ‘sharing wardrobes’ has made repitition cooler. “I see so many youngsters picking from the wardrobes of their parents, and styling it in their own unique way. It is not only about reducing closet space, but also respecting the thought that some clothes are ageless. Investing in a product which is quality-wise better and will last, makes it repeat-friendly. Recycling is thus a far more sensible option than mindless shopping,” he says. “We have mountains of clothes going into landfills. If you care about carpooling, air pollution… then, to care about reducing fashion wastage should come naturally. Just wear it if you love it, don’t bother about what others think!,” adds designer Payal Khandwala.

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