Ever met several gorgeous Bollywood actresses? As i assure you, they look better in real life. Looking good can be an art, and not altogether nature’s act. And you don’t need to to be a big shot actress trend gorgeous. You can take a few pages straight from the beauty diaries of these pretties and have tried it to boost your feels.

Perhaps you dismiss that Bollywood stars’ beauty as being the handiwork of dozens with well trained beauty experts? Well, you might be surprised to learn that most stars possess a few beauty secrets in place their sleeves. It is not really always about hair together with makeup. Since they must look presentable constantly, they need to take extra care health of their looks. This means that even constantly they need to stick to certain regimes that increase their beauty. Generally these are domestic beauty tips that the stars might have been using even before their own stardom. This means that even you can test them out.

More than the look of them, many actresses believe that inner beauty or maybe a healthy system is really important than anything else. Looking glamorous with makeup holds easy but getting ones systems function properly can be a tough task considering the amount of junk we eat lately.

Yoga, swimming, exercise and morning moves are simple activities that a lot of of our Bollywood stars incorporate on their daily lives to beat the stress and stay healthy and glimpse young.

You can pick a few good healthy habits with all our beautiful women in Bollywood. On an individual hand, Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga has become very popular while Bipasha Basu wants to spend quality time inside gym.

Getting a right trainer who understands your system does a great job to obtain that perfect curve, unless you ought to be size zero like once Kareena had been.

Staying fit and trying to keep one’s mind at peace is a good beauty secret that everyone would agree. Take Karishma Kapoor for instance, a mother of a few, Karishma Kapoor still gives most of the newcomers a run for a money. So is Madhuri Dixit, in whose smile can still get your heart skip some sort of beat.

We all require available 2 liters of water on a daily basis to stay healthy. But also for the beauty queens, water is not really a mere necessity nevertheless a step towards loveliness. Drinking ample amounts with water, but not overdoing the idea, ensures that the skin color remains supple. The even more water you drink, more toxins are washed away from your body. You can also try detox drinks to remain yourself hydrated. Actors and actresses take good care to keep themselves hydrated constantly.

Turmeric, in its tender form, can do a whole lot of good to our overall body. Raw turmeric is a superb disinfectant, thus its intake will assist you to stay healthy. At once, raw turmeric can offer the actual skin fairness and glow. Which means that, you can either beverage it with milk or rub it on the skin directly.

Coconut can be a beauty saver for the majority actors and actresses. In addition to the fatty flesh, the coconut water and coconut oil can help considerably. Coconut water is a superb antioxidant. It can flush all the toxins away from your body. Coconut oil may be excellent for your skin and unfortunately your hair.

Drinking ample quantities of water definitely isn’t enough to ensure elastic skin. You need to save your face and body moisturized constantly. Actresses, like Nargis Fakhri, know some great benefits of using a moisturizer. Use moisturizers that suit the actual skin. Use day creams during night and day creams during night. Know the actual skin type. This is essential if you need to have a smooth together with supple skin.

Keeping your skin clean can be one way to start looking gorgeous. Unless you cleanse your skin than the pores will get block for good and your skin won’t look radiant.

Shilpa Shetty :

Breakfast: Amla (Indian gooseberry) or Aloe Vera juice, porridge, tea blended with brown sugar

Lunch: Chapatti/brown rice, chicken curry/turkey/salmon, fresh veggies

Evening: Brown bread toast, egg white, green tea

Dinner(by 8 pm): Soup, salads, chicken

Post-workout: 2 dates, 8 black raisins, protein shake

Anushka Sharma:

Have you ever wondered about the acne free and glowing skin tone of Anushka Sharma? Her go-to skin care regime is a simple neem face pack including rose water, milk, dahi.

Priyanka Chopra:

She has a large group of fangirls and boys. Besan-ka-ubtan what PC uses for her pouty lips and on the scalp. Also, her mother’s beauty secret that she follows to get all-natural beauty is sea-salt scrub to make her look oh-so-gorgeous.

Aishwarya Rai:

Look gorgeous just like Aishwarya with her favourite home remedy of besan pack in which she pours some yogurt, turmeric and adds the slices of cucumber into that.

Deepika Padukone:

According to Deepika- cleaning, toning, moisturizing are the three steps towards making your skin more beautiful. She really swears by the use of coconut oil.

Kareena Kapoor:

To bring a natural glow on face, kareena recommends honey that she used to massage on her skin to keep it soft and supple.

Jackqueline Fernandez:

She uses ice wraps to reduce the puffiness of eye and cheeks. Moreover, it adds an instant glow to the skin.

Alia Bhatt:

She loves to go for full body scrubs and massage. Even she takes a lot of hair treatments and vitamin supplements with more water to keep her healthy and glowin


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