With most of the emphasis being on ancient Indian beauty rituals and traditional ways of looking after their hair and skin, the South Indian customs have always been one of the most natural methods of attaining beauty. And that is the secret behind their next to perfect looks! And giving you access to these secrets is the main aim of this article.

1. Using coconut:

People from the Southern states of India use a vast amount of coconut in their daily diet as well as in their beauty regime. Drinking coconut water frequently gives them a naturally glowing face. Coconut contains high amount of fiber, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It is also used in many dishes like chutney, coconut rice and pickle, and is the most commonly used oil for cooking in their kitchen is coconut oil. If you’re not sure of including coconut in your food, try having it as a fruit.

2. Yoga:

South Indian women are known for their curvaceous figure, and one of the biggest secrets behind their curvy, fit bodies is yoga. Yoga is a powerful medium of exercise that gives peace of mind and soothes your senses. A cleansing and soothing of the senses, in turn, leads to a glowing face, calm mind and healthy body. Yoga is also helpful in removing wrinkles, signs of premature aging, acne, improper digestion and various other problems.

3. Ayurveda:

Ayurvedic face packs are a common ingredient in most of the beauty products that are popular in south India. Ayurveda is known for its many beneficial properties, and one of its main benefits is that it results in a healthy, glowing skin and clear complexion without causing any kind of damage to skin.

4. Massage:

South Indian massage therapies are not only popular with the local residents, but have been a big hit in other parts of the country, as well as abroad. The traditional south Indian massage is loaded with many health benefits that not only work on your skin and hair, but also help cleanse your system. If you’re not going for one, you can try your very own at home. Simply massage some coconut oil on your body every night before going to bed. This is a great way to stimulate blood circulation and give you soft, glowing skin.

5. Eyes:

Women from South India have dark black eyes that they further like to accentuate by applying kohl. It is said that one of the natural methods they use to get bright beautiful eyes is to apply sesame oil on their lower feet.

6. Aromatherapy facials:

Home facials are an essential routine amongst south Indian beauties. Aromatic oils are used to exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and soothe the skin. These facials not only treat the skin from outside, but also help in providing calming and antioxidant benefits. This further stimulates circulation and helps release toxins, tightens your skin, reduces wrinkles and puffiness and gives you a glowing complexion.

7. Disciplined lifestyle:

A disciplined lifestyle is the key to good health. Getting regular sleep for at least 6-8 hours, waking up early in the morning and adopting good eating habits are all secrets to a healthy and beautiful you – both from the inside as well as from the outside.

8. Hair Care:

Women from Southern India mostly have natural, thick black hair. To increase the health of your hair, you need to follow a perfect routine for hair.

  • Follow a regular coconut oil massage routine to promote blood circulation
  • Wash your hair with water on a regular basis and shampoo only twice a week
  • Use mild and natural shampoos that include brahmi and amla, and avoid ones with harsh chemicals

9. Home Remedies for Hair

If you are finding it difficult with your dull hair, just open your kitchen pantry and you will find wonderful ingredients to get beautiful hair. Few such simple remedies are:

  • Apply curd on your hair and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. This is a great way to get thick, shiny hair.
  • Massaging lemon juice on the scalp is a great way to cleanse your scalp of any dandruff or flakes.

10. Drink water:

Water is one of the most beneficial products that you can ever use for your overall wellbeing. Consume at least 8 glasses of water every day to cleanse your system, flush out toxins and get a glowing and radiant skin. It is also very good for your hair.

These are the top beauty tips for south Indian. They are all natural beauty secrets behind the beautiful eyes, glowing skin tone and shiny mane of south Indian beauties. Stay beautiful! Stay gorgeous!


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